Dear Colleagues:

Due to some unfortunate circumstances we are unable to hold EuropeComm 2011 in Budapest in May 2011. We will update these WebPages with the latest information in due course.

Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to EuropeComm 2011

2nd International ICST Conference on Communications Infrastructure, Systems and Applications in Europe

10-13 May 2011 - Budapest, Hungary

The Internet has evolved from an infrastructure looking for networked applications into an infrastructure struggling to meet the social, technological and business challenges posed by multitude of bandwidth hungry emerging applications. The EuropeComm conference brings together decision makers from the EU commission, top researchers and industry executives to discuss directions of communications research and development in Europe. Also, the symposium will attract academia and industry representatives, as well as government officials to discuss the current development and future trends in technology, applications and services in the communications field.

Conference Topics:

Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOI) - Information-centric networking; content distribution networks; semantic networking; semantic web; SOA (service-oriented architecture); novel routing approaches; infrastructure-as-a-service; control and management; convergence of service, computing, and communication architectures; open service, network, and device APIs.

Communications and Networking (CN) - Ad hoc, sensor and mesh networks; broadband access technologies; cellular and broadband wireless nets, cognitive radio networking; cross layer design and optimization; data centre and cloud networks; delay/disruption tolerant networks; energy-efficient networks; future Internet design.

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) - Traveler information systems; telecommunications in transportation; vehicular networks (VANETs); transport data modelling, fusion and analysis; safety and multimedia applications over VANETs; middleware; grid infrastructure and services for ITS.

Intelligent Healthcare Systems (IHS) - Telecommunications in healthcare; sensor networks; healthcare computing and information systems; grid architectures and services; emerging applications and systems; modelling tools and methods; middleware.

Business and Innovation Models (BIM) - BIM for Internet technologies, infrastructure, services and applications; open source tools, open models and architectures; security, privacy and trust; navigation systems; location based services; social networks and online communities; ICT convergence, digital economy and digital divide.